Print Garage: My Making Process



‘Collect The Moments’  a new screenprint by Print Garage inspired by Feist’s ‘Mushaboom’- all ready for the next leg of Unit Twelve’s touring exhibition  ‘Are you listening carefully?’

Over to Mr Print Garage:


“I thought it might be interesting to share a bit of my making process – in this instance where some decisions mid-print have been made.

Here’s Layer 1, all is well so far…


layer 1 low res


Here’s Layer 2 – a nice tasty sky blue…

layer 2 low res


It’s when I got to layer 3 that something feels wrong…

moments layer 3 old version


It feels a bit clumsy and I’ve lost an area of lovely negative space down the left hand side, some nice interaction between the grey and the blue layer.  I decided to stop and have a think, (no pressure – but the ink is drying on the screen).  I decide to mask off the area that’s bugging me – some hastily torn newsprint and a bit of brown tape – and try again.


DSC_0083 low res


That’s much better, here’s a comparison shot with the new version on the left:


DSC_0077low res


And a detailed shot:

DSC_0080low res


And then finally layer number 4:



and a lovely close up:



I don’t normally change much during production like this, I even had another layer planned but after testing it I didn’t feel like it added anything extra and if anything distracted the eye from the other details. Normally, everything is decided at the stencil stage, but this felt very satisfying to be able improvise on the fly and just go with gut instinct.”

You can see the finished print (and others) at Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek: 3rd May – 21st June 2014 (PV- 2nd May 7-9pm) before it moves on to The Brindley: 16th Aug – 11th Oct 2014
For more details of the exhibition and the other artists: ‘Are you listening carefully?’

You can see other examples of Mr Print Garage’s work here
and buy them online from here

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2 thoughts on “Print Garage: My Making Process

  1. cafy59 says:

    I love the ad hoc alterations. Definitely the right move.

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